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Question: What should I look for in a web host?

Question: What should I look for in a web host?

What should you look for in a web host is a question a lot of Self Starters ask, so let’s talk about it today.

Picking a web host is in some ways like buying a car. Most of us know what a car should do, but when you go to the car lot, you kick some tires and make a gut call on buying it. Others bring that knowledgeable friend along with them to look under the hood. Let us be that learned friend for you!

Here are our five points to consider.

1. What is the Support the host offers?

Web hosts are computers that are based someplace around the globe, as such, chances are good your web designer does not have access to the physical box your data is on. But chances are good; your host has a direct line to the data center. Having quick access to the support staff is an essential safety net and one of the first things we look for in picking hosts.

2. Does the host backups?

Life happens. A plugin may update and break your site, you may hit the wrong button one day and wipe out your website, or worst of all, install an unsafe plugin and introduce a virus on to your platform. At this point, having a reliable backup plan in place will ensure you and your business can keep moving forward!

We like at least weekly backups for our sites, but daily backups are best!

3. Is the host WordPress ready?

We are big fans and supporters of WordPress. Most of the world’s web pages are built on this framework and for a good reason. So when we pick a host, we like to ensure they have the latest PHP versions installed and the resources needed to install and run this framework with ease. If they support the newest WordPress requirements, safe to assume they are running current versions of other backend systems, and this is good.

4. Does the host “offer/force” a lot of add ons and upsells for essential services?

On things that get us upset is nickel and diming. These forces add-ones is one big reason we do not like services like Wix or square space. When service providers start to charge you for everything, an excellent deal quickly becomes an overpriced deal. We would rather pay a little more on the front end, have access to all the tools, then have to keep paying many small fees for essential services.

5. Can this host grow with me?

The last point for today is selecting a host that you can scale along with your business as it grows. We all start small, but one day, if you move right, you can begin to scale, and at that point, you will also need to scale your Hosting to accommodate the added guests.

A Recommended hosting provider.

One host that we recommend for Hosting is this one: http://bit.ly/2HrqiHJ

They use green power, built for WordPress, have a reliable support system in place, offer you free SSL certificates (That Alone saves money, and secures your site more!)

  • Do you have a web page?
  • What are your thoughts on Hosting?
  • What do you look for in a hosting provider?
  • Do you have any questions you would like us to address?

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