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Question: Do I need a web page?

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Question: Do I need a web page?

We get this question often.

Chances are that other competitors in your field already have a web page. This provides them an advantage in gaining your potential customers. More so, if they are skillful in marketing there webpage, you will be edged out.

Businesses with web pages are seen as more credible. Yes, Facebook pages are one option, but the web page has been a staple of a reputable business for a long time.

Your business can benefit from this powerful marketing tool by having a skillful web designer to make your web page. This will help level the already crowded playing field.

Having your own web page is also an effective method for offering your customers new services, features, or products. You can also use a webpage as a means to build your email list (*an email list is one of the strongest ways to market your products and services).

As a seller of products and services, think of all the people who are not on Facebook (*A lot), or Instagram (*even more), who would be interested in your offerings. Having an eCommerce webpage is a great way to engage with them and generate sales. Even service businesses can benefit from having an eCommerce shop as a point of sale, booking platform, or information gateway.

It does not matter the field of your business or its desired outcomes, having a webpage will help you acquire your desired goals faster.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

  • Do you think it’s still important to have a web page?
  • What are your reasons for or against?

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