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Marketing and Social Media Management

We help clients develop a marketing and social media plan that fits their budget and needs.

Problem, Solution!

Tired of managing your social media accounts and trying to keep up with all the graphic design work? Let us help. We offer ready-to-use social media management and graphic design packages that will make your life easier and put more focus on your core business. Giving you time to focus on what you do best, that is running your business!

What We Do : Marketing and Social Media Management.

* We provide marketing packages to fit the needs of our clients.
* We work with clients to develop a package that makes sense and help them reach their target goals.
* These packages include graphic design as well as schedule post management.

Most clients have the best success with our Growth Package.

+ The Growth Package.

Social media is important to keep engagement with your customers and stay relevant in their minds. Regularly scheduled posts increase retention and visitors returning. On average a consumer has to see a logo, brand or message 3 to 4 times before it starts to stick in their mind. With the growth package, we provide three posts a week to help retain your message to your customers.

+ The Growth package comes with.

  • * Graphic design service for 12 posts that feature the shop or product.
  • * Content is scheduled for 3 posts a week.
  • * Content will be shared to both Instagram and Facebook.
  • * Relevant hashtags used to increase engagement.
  • * We recommend a minimum of 3 months to see good results
  • * Your logo and/or branding kit
  • * Any links to your current social media.
  • *Any hashtags you are currently using.
  • * Relevant hashtags used to increase engagement.
  • * At least 24 different images to use in our first month of marketing, more is better. (* We can also arrange to come out and take some photos for an additional fee).
  • * Admin or editor rights to your social media accounts.
  • * Any messaging or phrasing you like to use.
  • * We ask for the payment in advance to get started on the project.

+ What we need to get started.

To get started we need you to supply us with the following.

+ Startup Timeline.

After signing up with us, this is what we do.

  • * It may take us up to one week (*if not less) to get the materials together for marketing.
  • * We will then present you with the graphics and text will be used for approval
  • *After you approve messaging and text, our team will schedule the posts and monitor to make sure they all are presented at the correct time.
  • * We will monitor the success of the first month and change in the second month to better suit what we see.

Social Media Design Examples

Let us handle your Social Media Management

Facebook and Instagram post management professionals at your service, let us design and schedule content to be shared on your social accounts.

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